Friday, January 24, 2014

Travelling: Delicious Japanese Food from 3 months in Japan!!!

3 months in Japan, one of the best thing was Japanese food. Here are some of the food pictures I took. I don't remember all the places I went. But I will try to tell you.

Let's start with delicious chabu-chabu in Osaka.

Look at that meat!

                          These were from the restaurant in my hotel in Kyoto. Delicious as well!

This is at Nagoya.

This black squid ink spaghetti is from one of my dad and I favorite chain restaurant called "Saizeriya".  There are everywhere in Japan, seriously!

This was from a lovely restaurant in Shibuya.

OMG!! This is the super expensive superioe Kobe BEEF!! 
I ordered raw fish instead of the superior Kobe Beef.

OBENTO from the department store near Chofu statio, Tokyo. 
These sushi were AMAZING, from the fish market in Tokyo. FRESH SUPERIOR FISH!

This is Yuba from Nikko, so delicious. Yuba is tofu bubble.

                                                   The next 3 pictures are from Nara, Japan

These exclusive set was from the hotel that I stayed in Nikko.

Osaka Japanese Pizza!! 
This was from a small restaurant at the corner nears Shinjuku.

This was from a small restaurant at the corner nears Shinjuku.

The lovely pasta restaurant in Shibuya!

I went about 2 hours out of Tokyo and we went to this restaurant. I only took a picture of dessert because I was really hungry!

The FAMOUS GIANT CRAB at OSAKA!!   Dotonbori street. 

Lunch at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

The famous "Okonomiyaki"    1,500 Yen

"Hiroshima Okonomiyaki" 
A lovely restaurant in Hiroshima Station the last day before we left Hiroshima.

Chinese Food at Nagasaki China Town.   It was really expensive and was not that tasty!!!

Super expensive chabu-chabu set in Kabukijo, Tokyo.

Super delicious Yuba cold Japanese noodle at Nikko. I forget what the noodle itself was called.

This is also the yummy Yuba noodle at Nikko.

This is the Yuba Noodle Restaurant at Nikko. I highly recommend this place!!!

Nikko, Lake Chuzenji 
Nikko, Lake Chuzenji, Yuba Noodle

At Nikko Waterfall!

Near Nikko Station. 
This was not good from Hakone.

My dad and I favorite place in Shinjuku. It is called "Sukiya" which opens 24 hours. This is chain restaurant. They serve food within 1 minute!!!!                    Kabayaki  ข้าวหน้าปลาไหล  1,500 Yen

Their tofu tastes delicious too!!!  I highly recommend Sukiya!!!

I hope you haven't drooled yet!!  Enjoy my blog!

Until next time,