Sunday, June 26, 2011


I don't know about others, but for me movies are what keep me motivated.  When I was younger, say high school, I had so many thoughts of what I wanted to become when I grew up. There were so many that I was always so happy and if you go ask anyone who knew me in high school, they would say that I always have a big smile painted on my face. I was so happy of the thought that one day those dreams would come to life.

I am someone who constantly need new inspirations. I always find some movies to watch and go in to that world that everything I dream comes true.

But now I don't know why I'm not so happy as I used to be anymore. Since now that I'm in college, I should be more happy because the dream I dream start to come true bit by bit. Only five trimester to go and I will be done with my bachelor degree. I am pursuing in the field of International Business. I love it. I can see myself working with many foreigners and wearing a sophisticated black outfit travel back and forth between Bangkok and America. Why America?

May be that I used to live there for almost one year and I have to say that I met nice people. I was so lucky I didn't get bully like I see in typical teenage American movies. And that I even fell in love for the first time of my life. All my life, I had been in all girl school. So, I didn't really get a chance to meet anyone else. I'm glad I know what it feels like to really like someone and I understand that sometimes love is just love. It can hurt and make you feel happy at the same time. Now looking back at those time, I think if I could travel back in time and told myself, I would tell me that I should do whatever I wanted to do. Those time would never ever come back to me again. I was so young and I need to have more fun. I would say that to my 16-me. But now I'm happy and I know that even now I'm 20 and feel like it is such a big number for me, I still feel young and I will live the life that I would not regret to look back 10 years from now and say that "why didn't I do that?", "why didn't I go out that day?", also I like to see myself work harder for anything I want to achieve.