Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baeuty Review: The best Mascara for Dolly Eyes

Hello lovies,
 I got this mascara when I was in Japan. This mascara is called 1 DAY LASH PERM from the brand K-Palette.  It costs around 1,500 Yen which I consider pretty expensive for a drugstore mascara. When I got it, I wondered if it would worth the claim. The first week, it didn't really work that well for me, but after a week, the formula has dried up a little bit, so it was better. After many uses, I love this mascara so much. It gives such full length, big volume eyelashes. I has used it everyday for about 3 months that it starts to run out. For the application on the lower lash lines, it can smudge a bit since I have very super oily lids. Other than that, I really recommend this mascara.

มาสคาร่าตัวดังของ K-Palette

Makeup Review: GOOD LONG-WEAR EYELINER Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

I have this eyeliner for quite a long time and I have to say that it never let me down. The application is very smooth with an eyeliner brush and once the eyeliner sets itself, it won't budge. The application on the water-line of the eyes is also very smooth, but I recommend you apply eyeshadow alone the rim of your eyes for the longevity of the wear.  I have this tub for a long time and yet, it has not dried out yet.
สำหรับอายไลน์เนอร์ตัวดัง มิวใช้มานานมาแล้ว ขอบอกว่าไม่ผิดหวังจริงๆค่ะ เวลาทาลงบนเปลือกตา การทาลื่นมาก ไม่สะดุดมือ พอทิ้งไว้ให้แห้งซักพักนึง ก็จะไม่เลอะแล้วค่ะ ไม่ต้อองทาอายแชโดว์แบบฝุ่นทับด้วย   แต่สำหรับการทาที่เส้นขอบน้ำตาด้านใน มิวขิแนะนำว่าให้ทาอายแชโดว์แบบฝุ่นทับด้วย จะได้อยู่คงทนมากขึ้น ไม่ไหลออกมาที่ขอบตา

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Beauty Review: GREAT Mascara! Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister


     มาสคาร่าตัวนี้จาก Majolica Majorca เป็นรุ่นล่าสุดจ้า มิวพึ่งซื้อมาใช้ได้ประมาณสองอาทิตย์แล้ว สำหรับตัวนี้ชื่อรุ่นว่า Lash Expander Edge Meister ซึ่งตัวเนื้อมาสคาร่าเหมือนรุ่น Lash Expander Frame Plus นะคะ แต่ที่รุ่นนี้มีต่างออกไปคือ หัวแปรงค่า สังเกตุได้จากรูปที่สองนะคะ หัวแปรงหวีตรงส่วนที่โค้ง แล้วก็เพิ่มหวีแนวตรวเล็กๆด้านบนอีกนิดนึงจร้า  มิวใช้มาสคาร่าของมาจอลิก้ามาหลายต้ว รุ่นที่ชอบมากที่สุดก็คือรุ่น Lash Expander Frame Plus แล้วก็รุ่นนี้ค่า ปัดออกมาแล้วจะได้ขนตาเหือนขาแมงมุม หนามาก ปัดซ้ำๆได้ แต่ อาจเป็นก้อนนิดนึง เพราะมัน หนา ดำ และ ล้างออกยากมาก มิวชอบ

Hi guys,

      I'm a big fan of Majolica Majorca mascaras. I have tried so many ones from them. This is the newest one that they came out with which called Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister. This mascara has the same formula with Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus except that the wand on this one has a comb on the straight side as well. This mascara is very waterproof and super difficult to get off. I, however, like this mascara. It is build-able and will make your lashes look like spider's legs. Some people may not be a big fan of it, but I find myself buy mascaras from Majolica Majorca very often.

Lots of love,


Hello lovies,


วันนี้มิวจะมารีวิว Nivea Pure Effect Stay Clear Purifying Toner ค่ะ
ก่อนอื่นขอบอกก่อนว่ามิวผิวหน้าค่อนข้างมัน รูขุมขนกว้าง สิวขึ้นง่ายมากๆๆ ถ้าใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์ที่ไม่ถูกกับผิวจ้า

ที่เลือกเจ้าตัวนี้มาเพราะว่าไปเดินเล่นที่วัตสัน แล้วเหลือบไปเห็นพอดี มันพึ่งออกวางจำหน่ายได้ไม่นาน พี่บีเอแนะนำว่า ไม่มีส่วนผสมของแอลกอฮอล์ มิวดูๆแล้วคิดว่าน่าจะใช้แล้วไม่แพ้ เลยลองซื้อมาใช้ดู ตัวน้ำโทนเนอร์ไม่มีสี ใสๆเหมือนน้ำ ตัวขวดเป็นสีฟ้า

ใช้มาได้ประมาณ 2 อาทิตย์แล้ว โอเคเลยค่า สิวไม่ขึ้น หน้าไม่แห้ง หรือ ตึงเกินไปเวลาใช้ มิวชอบค่ะ โดยส่วนตัวคือมิวชอบเปลี่ยนโทนเนอร์ไปเรื่อยๆ ชอบแบบราคาถูกๆ เพราะคิดว่ามันไม่ค่อยจำเป็น แต่ว่าเวลาใช้แล้วรู้สึกผิวสะอาดขึ้นมาอีระดับนึง สำหรับวันไหนที่แต่งหน้าเยอะ มิวแนะนำนะคะตัวนี้ คุณภาพโอเคเลย

Today, I would like to review this Nivea Pure Effect Stay Clear Purifying Toner. First off, let me tell you my skin condition. I have oily/ acne prone skin. If I use the wrong products that do not work with my skin, I will easily break out.

I bought this toner because I saw it at Watsons and I thought it looked interesting. So, I gave it a try. This toner just recently came out. It is said that it does not contain alcohol. The actual toner is colorless like water. The bottle is blue like in the pictures.

I have used it for about 2 weeks now and I like it. It doesn't break me out and it doesn't sting my skin. I like to use affordable toner and I like to change from brands to brands. I think that for me toner is not a must, but I like to use it because it makes my skin feels more clean, especially for the day that I wear heavy makeup.

I recommend this toner for those who have same skin condition like me.

Thank you for visiting my blog,

Lots of love,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cute & Yummy Desserts from Japan


Today, I once again show you these mouth watering Japanese desserts. Each dessert is from different places I visited in Japan...

Now, lets start:)

This adorable Hello Kitty Strawberry jelly jam with sift cream is from Harmony Land or Sanrio Land in Beppu, Japan...

This super yummy crepe is from Nagoya. It was so delicious and in my opinion, it was more yummy than famous Harajuku crepe.

Talking about the famous Harajuku crepe, I cannot pass to show you the famous one I tried. There were many crepe shops at Harajuku street, but I chose this one called, "Angels Hearts". I have to say I was quite disappointed.

This delicious chocolate and butter soft cake is from Universal Studio at Osaka. I LOVE this cake.

This super delicious snow ice dessert is also from the Universal Studio. Let me tell was GREAT!! My dad and I loved it to the moon and back....YEP! That's how much we liked it.

The colorful macaroon tart is from a small coffee shop at Nara.

One of the famous thing from Japan is its dessert. I tried it and I have to say it is true. The very next time you got a chance to visit Japan, you just enjoy yourself with their sweets!!

Love you guys,

Friday, November 1, 2013

Travelling Japan: Tokyo Disneyland...Sweet Memories...

Hi my friends!!

I am super excited to write about my amazing experience at Tokyo Disneyland. It was so magical and I felt like I was in cartoons that I watched. I love cartoons and I pretty much had seen all of the Disney cartoons.
It was such great experience that not only words and pictures can describe. You need to see and experience it by yourself. When I was at Disneyland had I realized how genius and creative Waltz Disney was. Thanks to him girls like us can dream about sweet fairy tales that one day the prince will find us, kiss us, and we then will live happily ever after.

If you want to see Disneyland in action, I filmed a video. You can go to YouTube and search my channel "itsMewsBubble" and you will find not only my Disneyland videos, but a lot of videos of my travelling in Japan... or simply click the link here:

My dad and I had an amazing time trying on these cute props. Be careful of your wallets. These are not cheap, let me warn ya!

Don't forget to get these stamp coins. It is 100 yen each. My dad got them all!!

Mickey ice-cream....  300 yen each

These are the coins from the machine....

This is the day parade. It was superrrrrrrr colorful!!   It was like I was in all these cartoons...CRAZY!

                                                  Jasmine Princess from Aladin

I had only one regret that I was not able to get in the Cinderella castle as it was already close when I got into the line....lame!!

                                            This is the night magical!!

  The crews from Toy Story


Snow White....They did a great job finding the stunt. She looked like a living Snow White. Her make up was so perfect...

There were so many people and my dad and I had tons of fun. If I live in Tokyo and I have a lot of money, I would go to Disneyland every month!!

I hope you enjoy my pictures,

Yummy Japanese Sweets!!

Hello lovies,

Japanese sweets were one of the many treats I got while I was travelling Japan.  Japanese snacks are seriously yummy and chocolatety!! I love them ( no wonder why I'm not skinny!)  From the picture below, I bought these snacks to send to my brother in Bangkok while I was travelling Japan in Kyoto...

I LOVE the PINK one so much.....if you are going to Japan, you need to try it!! It can easily be found in convenient stores or buy it cheaper at drugstores near your place at 88yen...

Have fun testing the yumminesssss^_^

Travelling Japan: Inside the Colorful Stores of Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan

Hello lovies,

    I think I don't have to say much as you can see from all the beautiful and colorful pictures here that the stores at the Universal Studio are so colorful. If you are a shopaholic or you like pretty colorful things, you will at least buy one thing from a visit at Universal Studio. This was one of my highlight of my Japan trip apart from Disneyland and Disney Sea, Tokyo.  It was so much fun and super colorful. I love it so much and if I save up enough money in the future, I would love to visit one of those colorful whimsical lands again.  If you would love to see and hear what it was like at the Universal Studio, I filmed a video. So you can visit YouTube and find my channel at "itsMewsBubble".   or simply click the link here:

Have a safe and wonderful trip.
I hope you enjoy my pictures:)


Travelling Japan: The Beauty of Kinkakuji Temple (The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan)

Hello friends!

During my 3-day-trip in Kyoto, I visited many temples ( as Kyoto is a famous place for many famous temples and old palaces because Kyoto used to be a capital of Japan, but now the capital of Japan is Tokyo) and Kinkakuji Temple is one of them.  I was quite excited when I was going to this temple, however I was a little disappointed because everyone could only view the beauty of this temple from the outside. From the picture, this was all I could see because it is not allowed to go inside.

If you want to see some live action, I also filmed a video. You can go to and search my username which is "itsMewsBubble".  or simply click the link here:

However, if you are going to Kyoto, you need to visit this temple, as everyone tell you. If not, you are not at Kyoto, if you know what I mean:) 

The fun thing I always did after visiting temples was that I like to take a fortune from those English Fortune machine ( make sure you choose the English one, otherwise it will be super difficult to read it in Japanese Kanji!!)

Anyway, have fun visiting temples in Kyoto. I enjoyed my trip very much, except that it was in summer and I almost die from the heat!!

Take care,

Japanese Convenient Stores....

Hello lovies!!

I got back from my 3-month-long Japan trip since August 8, 2013. However, I haven't post any blogs yet whatsoever.  I will kick it off with a picture from inside a Japanese convenient store in Kyoto. Actually, most Japanese convenient stores look and have pretty much the same things everywhere. 

   When I was on my trip I visited a lot of places in Japan as you will see the blog posts in the near future( I hope), when I was in a hurry I conveniently bought food from convenient stores. You can find a variety of food including sweets, if you have a sweet tooth like I do, inside a Japanese convenient stores in Japan. As I lived in Tokyo for 2 months, I found out that most convenient stores in Tokyo are "Family Mart", not so many seven-eleven like in Thailand.

   If you are going to Japan or planning a trip, you should visit at least one convenient store and you will find yourself in a whimsical land, only to wake up again at the check out and suddenly waken up by the bill ( it is not cheap, let me warn ya!).

 Have a safe trip....