Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beautiful Spring Floral Nails!

     Spring is here! What else is better than floral prints. I've seen floral prints everywhere, so why not wear it on your nails!

     This nail tutorial is very easy and it takes only a few color and tools to create this beautiful floral design.
First, you will need a white polish to serve as a base and then you can choose three colors for the floral design of your choice!  You just apply the white polish first and then use a small paint brush mix your floral colors with nail polish remover to thin it out and you can paint your floral design on. It's super duper easy!

     It is very trendy and super easy to is a video hot to tutorial!  You can follow a step by step to create this nail design. I hope you like it:)

If you decide to do it, don't forget to send me pictures on Facebook or twitter!  

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