Thursday, April 25, 2013

My current addiction....Acrylic Painting!

My current addiction....

     Since I am a newly grad, I have so much time in hands. So, I have been painting a lot.  Here are some acrylic paintings of mine.  I started acrylic painting since when I was in college. I visited my friend's dorm and saw her works, so I asked where she painted it. She told me she joined Art club, so I joined too. Since then Art club became my addiction and I joined it since then.

      The first painting is the first acrylic painting I have ever painted back in my freshman year of college. This is a beautiful Sakura tree or a tree in imagination, like a dream.

This second acrylic painting was painted when I went to the Art trip with my friends when we were in college.  This was my first time painting from a real surroundings.

This one took me a week to finish. This came from my imagination. This one is actually not finish yet. I haven't took the picture of the finished one.  This one is like my backyard garden in my dream where I hang out with my brother and I also have unicorns and a lot of butterflies in my backyard!!

This one is honored to my beloved friend, Pugkhom, which means Spinach. She was an English Cocker Spanial.  I painted this in the hornor of her...R.I.P

This acrylic painting was from real surrounding as well. I painted this when I went to Art trip with my friend as well.  I got the first prize for this one too!

Now, I would like to share my latest work. I painted my new bed room and decided to paint a flower cart and a little angel, which is not very^_^

Enough for today:)  I will post more of my acrylic works next time....

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