Friday, November 1, 2013

Travelling Japan: Inside the Colorful Stores of Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan

Hello lovies,

    I think I don't have to say much as you can see from all the beautiful and colorful pictures here that the stores at the Universal Studio are so colorful. If you are a shopaholic or you like pretty colorful things, you will at least buy one thing from a visit at Universal Studio. This was one of my highlight of my Japan trip apart from Disneyland and Disney Sea, Tokyo.  It was so much fun and super colorful. I love it so much and if I save up enough money in the future, I would love to visit one of those colorful whimsical lands again.  If you would love to see and hear what it was like at the Universal Studio, I filmed a video. So you can visit YouTube and find my channel at "itsMewsBubble".   or simply click the link here:

Have a safe and wonderful trip.
I hope you enjoy my pictures:)


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