Friday, November 1, 2013

Travelling Japan: Tokyo Disneyland...Sweet Memories...

Hi my friends!!

I am super excited to write about my amazing experience at Tokyo Disneyland. It was so magical and I felt like I was in cartoons that I watched. I love cartoons and I pretty much had seen all of the Disney cartoons.
It was such great experience that not only words and pictures can describe. You need to see and experience it by yourself. When I was at Disneyland had I realized how genius and creative Waltz Disney was. Thanks to him girls like us can dream about sweet fairy tales that one day the prince will find us, kiss us, and we then will live happily ever after.

If you want to see Disneyland in action, I filmed a video. You can go to YouTube and search my channel "itsMewsBubble" and you will find not only my Disneyland videos, but a lot of videos of my travelling in Japan... or simply click the link here:

My dad and I had an amazing time trying on these cute props. Be careful of your wallets. These are not cheap, let me warn ya!

Don't forget to get these stamp coins. It is 100 yen each. My dad got them all!!

Mickey ice-cream....  300 yen each

These are the coins from the machine....

This is the day parade. It was superrrrrrrr colorful!!   It was like I was in all these cartoons...CRAZY!

                                                  Jasmine Princess from Aladin

I had only one regret that I was not able to get in the Cinderella castle as it was already close when I got into the line....lame!!

                                            This is the night magical!!

  The crews from Toy Story


Snow White....They did a great job finding the stunt. She looked like a living Snow White. Her make up was so perfect...

There were so many people and my dad and I had tons of fun. If I live in Tokyo and I have a lot of money, I would go to Disneyland every month!!

I hope you enjoy my pictures,

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